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DIY Projects

Being creative and making something beautiful or  useful with my own two hands is so inspiring to me. I am the first to admit that I have no special skills with either swinging a hammer or using a sewing machine, but I have heart and passion and that must count for something, right?

I hope you find some inspiration on these pages!



Homesteading while


DIY After
Sun Salve


Animals Perfect
Backyard Farms


Setting Homestead


Cucumber Sea Salt


5 Melt & Pour
Soaps to Try!


Melt & Pour
Soap Making


Sea Salt


Gift Ideas
for Homesteaders


Essential Oils I
Choosing Oils


Essential Oils II
How to Use Oils


Essential Oils III
Must Have Oils


Cocoa Mint Soap
Soap Making Book


DIY Outdoor Table
& benches


Beeswax Workshop
Peppermint Foot Bar


Homesteading for


Homemade Cleaners
for Kitchen


Homemade Cleaners
for Bathroom


Coffee Lovers
Handmade Soap


All Natural Cleaner
for Coop & Home


Lip Balm


DIY Dog Shampoo


Recycled Glass
Indoor Greenhouse


Raised Bed Trellis
for under $5


DIY Brooder Box


1970s Interior
Door Makeover


Cold Process Soap
Making Basics


Raised Garden Bed
for Under $30


Homemade Birdseed


How to Make
a Duck House


Outdoor Bunting
Flag Banners


Festive Garland
for Chickens


Whiteboard Family
Chore Chart


Windowsill Herb


Build a Raised Base
for Rabbit Hutch


Build a Compost Bin
from Pallets!


Build a Simple
Planter Box


Recycled Wood
Mini Coop