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Our Animals

Meet all of the animals that call
The Cape Coop Farm home!

*name * breed/color * year of birth*


Haydn, Brown male Huacaya Alpaca (2011)
Mozart, Fawn male Huacaya Alpaca (2013)
Johann, Silver Grey male Huacaya Alpaca (2013)


Autumn, Buckskin Nigerian Dwarf doe (2020)
Winnie, Black & White Nigerian Dwarf doe (2022)
Oreo, Black & White Nigerian Dwarf buckling (2024)


Ariel, Blue Tort Lionhead doe (2018)
Pooka, Black VM Lionhead doe (2021)
Melody, Blue Tort Lionhead doe (2022)
Thumper, Smoke Pearl Point Lionhead buck (2021)
Obi-Wan, Siamese Sable Lionhead buck (2022)
Henry, Broken Blue Lionhead buck (2022)
Flopsy, Siamese Sable Lionhead doe (2023)
Mopsy, Black Lionhead doe (2023)
Cottontail, Grey Lionhead doe (2023)
Peter, Smoke Pearl Lionhead buck (2023)
Benjamin, Black Lionhead buck (2023)
Timmy Tiptoes, Black Lionhead buck (2023)
Jeremy, Black VM Lionhead buck (2023)
Lil Bub, Black Lionhead buck (2023)


Alexander, Welsh Harlequin drake (2016)
Eliza , Blue Splash Swedish duck (2016)
Philip, Blue Swedish mix drake (2018)
Aaron, Rouen drake (2018)
Daenerys, Silver Appleyard duck (2019)
Arya, Buff Orpington duck (2019)
Beau, Golden Layer duck (2020)
Jester, Rouen duck (2020)
Buttercup, Cayuga duck (2023)
Bubbles, Khaki Campbell duck (2023_
Blossom, Black Swedish duck (2023)


Dolly, Blue Favaucana hen (2017)
Barbara, Partridge Cochin hen (2017)
Odin, Salmon Faverolle rooster (2018)
Persephone, Silver Cuckoo Maran hen (2018)
Athena, Easter Egger hen (2018)
Kasey, Austra White hen (2020)
Natalie, Black Copper Maran hen (2020)
LeAnn, Partridge Oliver Egger hen (2020)
Taylor, Barred Plymouth Rock hen (2020)
Kitty, Red Laced Blue Wyandotte hen (2021)
Lydia, Buff Polish hen (2021)
Lizzy, Super Blue Layer hen (2021)
Emma, Easter Egger hen (2021)
Elinor, Blue Cochin hen (2021)
Jane, Green Queen hen (2021)
Marianne, Dark Brahma hen (2021)
Mr. Darcy, Salmon Faverolle rooster (2021)
Valerie, Lavender Ameraucana hen (2022)
Jolene, Speckled Sussex hen (2022)
Billie Jean, Frizzle Easter Egger hen (2022)
Carlita, Rhode Island Red hen (2023)


Amelia, Sebastopol Goose (2022)
Abigail, Sebastopol Goose (2022)


Nynaeve, Splashed Fantail hen (2023)
Egwene, Indian Fantail hen (2023)
Rand, Giant Runt hen (2023)
Mat, Chinese Owl hen (2023)
Perrin, Black Lace Blondinette Old Frill cock (2023)

Dogs & Cats

Bailey, Siamese mix (2014)
Penny, Ragdoll mix (2017)
Lucy, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd (2022)

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Aaron Hachey

Thursday 31st of March 2022

Thank you for the information on outdoor living space for rabbits, I'm designing and setting up for the first time.


Friday 1st of April 2022

that is great, good luck!


Friday 12th of March 2021

all of your animals are adorable but Zoey's smile is truly the cherry on top! So darn cute!


Monday 15th of March 2021

awww thank you! her smile definitely brightens my days!


Thursday 12th of November 2020

Hi! I love your animals! They are so cute!!! I was hoping that you could answer two questions. I just added three new ducks to be friends with my other duck. They are all rescued so I don't know their ages except for one, including the original. I have a male and female Pekin, a male Blue Swedish, and a female Cayuga duck. The female white Pekin is laying eggs every day, the Cayuga duck isn't laying, even though we were told to watch for eggs. Should I be concerned that she isn't laying, or is she a seasonal layer? Second, the males are always chasing each other, and my usually docile male Blue Swedish won't stop pinching the male Pekin. Do males always do this, and is there a way to fix this? (Sorry I guess that was four questions. LOL)


Sunday 15th of November 2020

Thank you! With not knowing their age, that definitely makes it tricky. As they get older they lay less and less eggs, especially in the winter. Also Pekins are super reliable layers where Cayugas are only fair layers. So that all sounds normal. Your boys behavior is also normal. They need to work out who is going to be in charge. They should settle down before too much longer and they can all be one flock. You can expect occasional tiny fights with the boys now and then (especially in the spring/summer mating season), but once you get past this introduction period things should get better :)


Thursday 30th of April 2020

I especially love Sansa she is soooooo beautiful!


Thursday 30th of April 2020

I love your ducks they are all very beautiful. I had a question though. If I wanted a smaller chicken that I could keep indoors that did not lay a lot of eggs which one of of these would you recommend personally?


Friday 1st of May 2020

Hi Jocelyn - if you are going for just a tiny, adorable chicken I would suggest a Mille Fleur d'Uccle or a Polish. They are both adorable and have lots of personality, they do lay eggs but not as reliably as other breeds. Keep in mind you will need diapers for them living indoors as chickens can't be trained to use a litter box and can't "hold it" until outside time like dogs would

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.