Our Animals

Meet all the animals that
call The Cape Coop Farm home!

Backyard Farm Friends

Willow, Tortoiseshell English Angora doe
Maisie, Lionhead doe
Pumpkin, Holland Lop doe
Alexander, Welsh Harlequin drake
Eliza , Blue Swedish duck
Angelica, White Crested duck
Peggy, Cayuga duck
Philip, Blue Swedish mix drake
Aaron, Rouen drake
Daenerys, Silver Appleyard duck
Arya, Buff Orpington duck
Sansa, Saxony duck
Jester, Rouen hen
Bo, Golden Hybrid
Easter Egger hen
Bella, Easter Egger hen
Easter Egger hen
Molly, Easter Egger hen
Midnight, bantam Black Silkie hen
Blue Splash Polish
Topanga, Blue Splash Polish hen
Dolly, Blue Favaucana hen
Barbara, Partridge Cochin hen
Eleanor, Light Brahma hen
Odin, Salmon Faverolle rooster
Athena, Easter Egger
Persephone, Silver Cuckoo Maran
Kasey (Austra White)
Loretta (Lavender Orpington)
Patsy (Buff Orpington)
Reba (Golden Laced Wyandotte)
Shania (Speckled Sussex)
Taylor (Barred Plymouth Rock)
Natalie (Black Copper Maran)
LeAnn (Partridge Oliver Egger)

Furry Friends

Siamese mix
Bailey, Siamese mix
Penny, Ragdoll mix
Lab Mix
Blackie, Black Lab mix
Collie Mix
Zoey, Border Collie mix


  1. Perry says:

    We cannot afford tickets.. But i listen all the time! Im kinda upset now that i listened to the last two songs …. 🙁 Hamilton cheated on his wife and all that, but In the end he proved his true love for her.. so cute! Heart Hamilton!

    • Liz says:

      Lol Alexander LOVES Eliza, follows her around everywhere. Peggy & Angelica tend to hang out together a lot. No more boy ducks for us – I don’t want any trouble (or duels!)

  2. Perry says:

    Haha Never thought of that! Did you know that Laurence is also Philip? He ‘dies’ twice! And Peggy is the woman in ‘Say no to This.’

    • Liz says:

      Thank you! We got her from a local feed store. Blue is a color that doesn’t breed true so when you breed blue animals some will be blue, some will be black and then some will be “splash” like our Swedish. Sort of a spotty blue and white, with blue birds it’s always a luck of the draw!

  3. Janice Clark says:

    I am interested in purchasing 2 giant angota rabbits for fiber. I do not wish to breed or show. I crochet and would love pets. I am in Nw ga. Do you know anyone who sells giant angota rabbits as close to this area as I can get? No one in the USA rabbit breeders for in Tennessee or Al still does. Thanks so much for your help.

    • Liz says:

      Hi Janice, I am sorry I don’t know anyone in that area that breeds giants. The woman I got my english from breeds giantd. She is in MA, but I am pretty sure she ships her rabbits if you can’t find anyone nearby. She is quite involved with the breeding community (she is actually the founder of the giant breed), so she also might know a breeder in your area. This is her website: http://www.evergreenfarm.biz/

  4. Janet says:

    They are all beautiful, but I’m curious… are the fur babies all rescues? if so, Thank You. I’m a huge believer in rescuing from shelters/abusive situations

  5. Alex says:

    We just started raising rabbits and we are also in the northeast – aka tick and Lyme central. I’d like to let the rabbits have some time hopping around and grazing in a grass enclosure, but I don’t want them getting ticks and of course Lyme. Any experience with this?

    • Liz says:

      Ticks can certainly be a concern. While rabbits are unlikely to get sick from Lyme disease, they can act sort of like a carrier, and could pass it to you through their urine. There are other diseases and infections that could be transmitted to your rabbit from a tick. And of course they can physically carry ticks back into your home where they could bite you or one of your other pets. So it’s definitely best to be vigilant about ticks. Keep the grass in & surrounding your rabbit’s area short. Check your rabbit for ticks daily & remove them promptly with either a tick remover tool or tweezers. Pay extra attention around the ears, face, & dewlap (this is where they are most likely to hide). Do NOT ever use flea collars or topical medicines on your rabbit that are meant for cats & dogs. These can be fatal. You can speak with your vet for rabbit specific preventative medicines if you are finding ticks on your rabbits. My rabbits have lived outdoors for going on our fifth season now and I’ve never really had a problem with ticks on them though

  6. Jocelyn says:

    I love your ducks they are all very beautiful. I had a question though. If I wanted a smaller chicken that I could keep indoors that did not lay a lot of eggs which one of of these would you recommend personally?

    • Liz says:

      Hi Jocelyn – if you are going for just a tiny, adorable chicken I would suggest a Mille Fleur d’Uccle or a Polish. They are both adorable and have lots of personality, they do lay eggs but not as reliably as other breeds. Keep in mind you will need diapers for them living indoors as chickens can’t be trained to use a litter box and can’t “hold it” until outside time like dogs would

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