Homemade Holidays – Birdseed Ornaments

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Super easy and super affordable!  Birdseed Ornaments make a great gift for bird watchers or gardeners.  Easy enough to make with your children, they will love giving them to grandparents, teachers or bus drivers.  Or just make up a batch for your own backyard birds!  The sky is the limit with shapes you can make using cookie cutters, tin molds or even a Bundt pan for a big birdseed wreath.

Homemade Holiday - Birdseed Ornaments

Materials (this was enough to fill these 5 large cookie cutters):

3 cups birdseed (try one with a variety of colors & shapes for the prettiest ornaments)
1 cup water
4 envelopes Knox gelatine
cookie cutters or mold
baking sheet
wax or parchment paper


Mix water & gelatine in a medium saucepan, bring to a low boil

Remove from heat

Add birdseed and stir to coat.  If there is still liquid in the pan, add a little extra birdseed until it is all absorbed.

Homemade Holiday - Birdseed Ornaments

Put your cookie cutters on wax paper on top of a baking sheet.  Fill about halfway with birdseed mixture (be careful, mixture will be hot!)

Knot a length of twine and put it in the mold.  Fill the cookie cutters to the top, being sure to secure the twine in the birdseed.

Homemade Holidays - Birdseed Ornaments

Put a sheet of wax or parchment paper over the filled cookie cutters, press to pack seed tightly

Homemade Holidays - Birdseed Ornaments

Pop the baking sheet & molds in the freezer for about an hour

Allow them to sit in the molds for about 24 hours.  Remove from molds and hang outside or wrap for gift giving!

Homemade Holidays - Birdseed Ornaments

Homemade Holidays - Birdseed Ornaments

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