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  • Feeding Colony Raised Rabbits
    Raising rabbits in a colony setting allows them to live a more natural life. They can move about and interact with other rabbits instead of living in separate cages. But it can come with challenges. For many generations people raising rabbits would keep each … Read more
  • Can Chickens Fly?
    Can chickens fly? Many new chicken keepers are worried about their new bird friends flying away. Luckily, domesticated chickens as we know them today can’t fly like other birds. Chicken ancestors Chickens have been domesticated for over 8,000 years. In all those years, humans … Read more
  • How Much Space Do Alpacas Need?
    Alpacas are adorable, and not difficult to care for. They can make a great addition to small hobby farms and large farms alike. You might be asking how many alpacas can I keep per acre? How much space do alpacas need indoors? There are … Read more
  • Kid’s Chicken Coop Playset
    We host several events for families on our farm each year, plus I have a toddler grandson that visits weekly and loves to play outside. I wanted to add a little playset to the yard for kids, but I wanted it to be farm … Read more
  • How do you tell male & female ducks apart?
    One of the questions I get asked most often is how to tell the difference between male & female ducks. It can be tricky with some breeds unless you know what to look for. These methods can be used for most domestic duck breeds. … Read more
  • Trimming Rabbit Nails
    Keeping your rabbit’s nails trimmed is important for both their health and comfort. Wild rabbits (and pet rabbits with access to soil for digging) naturally wear down their nails digging burrows. But many pet rabbits will need the help of their human friend to … Read more

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