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  • Flock Biosecurity for Disease Prevention
    You’ve built strong fences and a sturdy coop to address your chicken’s physical security, but have you taken the steps to implement flock biosecurity for disease prevention? This is an important step for keeping your chickens healthy. What is biosecurity? Chickens don’t just need … Read more
  • Do Alpacas Make Good Pets?
    Alpacas are undeniably cute and they are not particularly difficult to care for. But do alpacas make good pets? Are alpacas good pets? I’m going to disappoint a lot of people, but alpacas are not really good pets. At least not in the traditional … Read more
  • How to Make Maple Syrup
    You’ve got your buckets of maple sap now you just need to turn it into tasty syrup! Don’t have your sap yet? You must have missed part one of this series! Click here to read all about how to harvest maple sap. Ok? Ready … Read more
  • How to Collect Sap for Maple Syrup
    When we were looking at our house for the first time, one of the things that I loved was all the mature maples in the yard. Not only were they pretty but my first thought was “we can make our own maple syrup!” As … Read more
  • Keeping Ducks Safe from Predators
    Domesticated ducks don’t have many natural defenses against predators. It is important to take steps to keep your ducks safe. In the wild, ducks rely mainly on flight to escape hungry predators. They will not resort to fighting unless cornered (and they won’t stand … Read more
  • Feeding Colony Raised Rabbits
    Raising rabbits in a colony setting allows them to live a more natural life. They can move about and interact with other rabbits instead of living in separate cages. But it can come with challenges. For many generations people raising rabbits would keep each … Read more

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