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Ducks & Geese

Ducks & geese can make a fun addition to your suburban farm!  Watching them waddle about and splash in their pool to their heart’s content is a great way to pass a summer afternoon.  Scroll down or click these handy links to jump to different sections:

Duck Basics
Geese Basics
Duck Health
Daily Life with Ducks
Seasonal Concerns

Duck Basics

Should you get ducks? Duck Pros & Cons
Keeping Ducks Safe from Predators
Backyard Ducks for Absolute Beginners
Top 5 Essential Duck Care Tips
How do you tell male & female ducks apart?
Tips for Raising Healthy Ducks
Feeding your backyard ducks
Understanding Backyard Duck Behavior
Duck Breeds for your Backyard

Geese Basics

Geese for Beginners

Duck Health

Ducklings & Niacin
Angel Wing in Ducks
Duck First Aid Kit
Poultry and Salmonella
Foamy Eye in Ducks
Can Ducks Change Genders?
Dealing with Death on the Homestead


How to make a duck house
Do ducks need a pond?
Photo Tour of our Chicken Coop Through the Years
All About Nest Boxes
Keeping Rodents Out of the Coop

Daily Life with Ducks

All about duck eggs
11 Amazing Duck Facts
A Day in the Life of a Backyard Farmer
Being a Good Neighbor & Farmer
Keeping a Farm Journal
Raising Chickens and Ducks Together


Duckling 101
Supply List for Ducklings
Hatching ducklings with a broody duck
Introducing new ducklings to your flock
Easy DIY Brooder Box
Ordering Chicks in the mail

Seasonal Concerns

Duck Molting
Winter Duck Care
Six Ways to Keep Your Flock's Water from Freezing
Preparing your backyard farm for winter weather

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