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“101 Chicken Keeping Hacks” Book Review

“101 Chicken Keeping Hacks” Book Review
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When it comes to natural chicken keeping, Lisa Steele has made her way to the top of the flock.  A trusted name in the chicken keeping world, Lisa is the creator of the popular blog “Fresh Eggs Daily” and is a regular writer for many publications from “Backyard Poultry” to  As a 5th generation chicken keeper (and fellow New Englander!) she really knows her stuff!

So when I was given the opportunity to review her latest book “101 Chicken Keeping Hacks” I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!  I love Lisa’s down to earth advice and appreciate the balance she walks between reusing & recycling things without sacrificing style & “cute” factor (who doesn’t love an adorable chicken coop??).  Strictly dedicated to raising her hens as naturally as possibly, she has tons of advice on putting herbs, essential oils and more to use in her coop, run & home.

“101 Chicken Keeping Hacks” features 101 of Lisa’s best ideas for keeping, caring & loving your chickens with everything from several recipes for natural cleaners to use in the coop to instructions for making an adorable hen tutu for those Instagram photo shoots!

The book is organized into several chapters of “hacks” including:

“Feeding Your Chickens” – some of my favorites include the recipe for homemade scratch, the wintertime boredom busting block & vintage match box dispenser for shells & grit (can’t wait to make this one!)

“In the Coop” – I love the natural antibacterial hand gel & the dispenser idea is just genius.  I am also seriously thinking about adding some nesting box curtains for the girls.

“The Run” – Something I seriously need in my run is her suggestion for a DIY water hookup in the run- it’s going to be a game changer for cleaning & filling the water bowl!  The dust bath herbal spa is also super cute (I’m sure the girls will love a little snack & aromatherapy while dust bathing with their friends)

“Raising Chicks on the Cheap” – super easy DIY ideas for making your own brooder, chick roosts, feed & waterer to keep your littlest ones happy

“Chicken Health” – so many great ideas for herbal salves, mite treatments, wormers and more!

“Hacks for Your Home”– egg storage ideas, egg face & hair treatments…and pretty much the cutest egg carton fire starters I have ever seen

“In the Garden” – Lisa has some great ideas for putting chickens to work in the garden in this chapter from chicken manure tea to reusing old waterers for adorable rustic planters

I had really high hopes for this book and it didn’t disappoint at all! The photography alone would it make it a must have addition to every chicken keeper’s library (her coop is seriously swoon worthy).  The practical and fun tips will make this book the perfect gift for your favorite chicken lover!

Click here to order “101 Chicken Keeping Hacks”, available now on Amazon, or in book stores nation wide!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.