Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banner
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Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banners

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These bunting flag banners are so cute – and super easy!  I went a little overboard and made a bunch, they were so cute.  Now my yard looks like a party could break out any minute – and I love it!

Make up some adorable outdoor bunting flags for a summer party feel everyday!

 The flags are made out of oil cloth so they can stand up to outdoor conditions.  If you are not familiar with oil cloth, think outdoor tablecloth.  It’s fabric with a plastic-y finish, so it can wipe clean and be out in the rain.  In fact, in place of purchasing fabric, you could visit a thrift shop or dollar store and get some outdoor tablecloths and cut the flags from there.  Beyond being weather resistant, oil cloth has another bonus of not needing to be hemmed, so very minimal sewing skills are needed for this project.  I used pinking shears to give the flag’s edges a finished look, but you could also use regular scissors.

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banenrs


*Oil Cloth or old plastic tablecloths – I got 20 flags from 1/2 yard of 47″ wide fabric
*1/2″ bias fold tape in coordinating color – 4 yards was perfect to hang 20 flags
*pinking shears or scissors
*sewing machine
*pen & flag template

I drew my flag template on sturdy cardstock to make it easier to trace all the flags.

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banners

Trace the flags onto the back of the fabric and cut out

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banner

Sew the bias tape along the top of the flags, leaving 6-7 inches loose at each end to tie the banner up

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banner

Play keep away with cats…….

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banner

That’s it!  Go crazy decorating your yard for a summer time party feel all season!

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banners

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banners

Easy Outdoor Bunting Flag Banners

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  1. So cute! I love the pattern mixing!

    1. Thanks Hollie! The colors make me so happy!

  2. Love this very much! It sure brightens up the yard

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