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Build a Compost Bin from Pallets

Build a Compost Bin from Pallets
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Build a compost bin from pallets – this is such an easy project anyone can do it and you get something useful for free!

Materials you need:

I was lucky enough to come across two pallets that had a solid sheet of pressboard on one side.  I used those two for the back of the compost bins.  It’s not necessary to have a solid back, a traditional pallet will work fine as well and will provide a little more ventilation.

Build a Compost Bin from Pallets


Assembly is so easy! If you have a helper it will be extra easy, one person can hold the pallets up while the other screws them together.  

Having two sides for your compost bin allows you to have one side with materials actively composting, and one side for you to add new materials.  I add materials to the left side from January -June, and to the right side July-December.  

You could put some boards across the front if your compost is escaping the bin.  My chickens love to scratch around in here, I like that they are helping me aerate it but they definitely make a mess pulling compost out.  Every few days when I add new materials I take the pitchfork and turn the compost around.

I bought this handy counter top compost collector so I can easily collect food scraps and then bring them out to the compost bin every couple of days

Build a Compost Bin from Pallets
The Rooster Question

Optional upgrade

After a few months, I got really tired of the chickens pulling all the compost out and spreading it everywhere.  I had a few fence pickets left over from a fencing project and I screwed them to the front.  The chickens can still hop in there and dig around but it keeps it more contained

Don't spend hundreds on a compost tumbler, make your own compost system for free with just a few pallets!

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Kristi @HomesteadWishing

Monday 8th of August 2016

This is on our to do list! I am going to save your post to share with my husband. He says he is going to build me one of these! Thanks for the great post!

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