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Book Shelf & Reviews

Homestead Bookshelf

I love blogs and the internet, but some topics just deserve more in depth study.  There are so many awesome homesteading books out there – check out what I’ve been reading!  I’ll also add product reviews when I come across something I love 🙂



Book Review
“DIY Chicken Keeping”


“Making Money
with Chickens”


“101 Chicken
Keeping Hacks”


“Hand Made”
& Buttermilk Biscuits


Epic Eggs
Book Review


Chicken Chick’s
Chicken Guide


Cocoa Mint Soap
Soap Making Book


Natural Mineral


Online Gardening


Beeswax Workshop
Peppermint Foot Bar


The Suburban
Micro Farm


Mastering Basic


Permaculture for
the Rest of Us


DIY Chicken
Coop Plans


The Farmers
Market Cookbook


The Made from
Scratch Life


Vintage Egg Cartons

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